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Andrew Schartner

June 25 and 26 Weekend  

June 25 at Brewerton proved to be an interesting night; Started off good in the heat race came from the back and ended up wining the heat. Then the feature came and we started 6th place The car seem to be good and he was trying to keep out of trouble when the two lead cars came together and one of them started flipping and it stacked up the pack behind them and we were in it. Excessive damage to the car took him out for the rest of the night.

   Then Saturday night was Fulton speedway. We worked on the car all day Saturday to get it ready and it ended up getting rained out. Next race will be Brewerton next Friday.

Cont from Weedsport June 13, 2010

Twenty laps of nail biting racing and clean side by side with the third car right behind them waiting for one of them to make a mistake. There were no cautions making it even better. It was so intense at times being sideby side through the corners it was almost hard to watch thinking any minute they may Wreck . 11 car won. Andrew came in second And the 33 third. With three laps to go Andrew past for the lead but the 11 got back Around .  Great clean racing.

Schartner earns Mr. Small Block Super Honors on July 31, 2010

Once racing, Schartner and Sobus chose the inside lane to move through to the front, while Mike Bond and Dave Cliff went to the outside. The cars went single file quickly, as Simmons led Mike Bruce, Barry Kingsley, Tim Barbeau, Schartner, Kreig Heroth, Keith Gilliam, Sobus and Bond.

 Lap 6 the race came to a halt, for a multi car first turn accident.  There was contact between the third and fourth place cars of Kingsley and Barbeau, resulting in a chain reaction incident. Claimed in the multi car melee were Steve Abt, Gilliam, and Richmond.

 The top seven pulled away after the restart, with Bruce looking to get the lead on the outside reaches of the speedway.  Bruce had to back out each time, with Simmons holding the lead.  As Bruce looked high, Schartner filled the gap and took over the runner up place.

  Lap 15, Kevin Jackson spun in turn three, but returned to the field.  During this slowdown, leader Simmons pulled the #25 off the e track and to the pits, out of the race with mechanical failures for the second week in a row.

 This handed the lead to Schartner, with Bruce, Bond, Heroth and Cliff on his tailpipes.  Schartner stopped clocks at consistent 19.6 laps, as he pulled away from the field at a gap of a car length per lap.  The race pace quickened to the 19.4’s, as Schartner continued to pull out.

 With the two laps to go, contact between the 26 and 06 cars saw third running Bond spin around in turn four, sending him to the back of the pack.  Back up front, Schartner took off and drove to the checkers unchallenged, for his first Mr. SBS championship.  Bruce held on for second, with Brian Sobus coming on for the final podium spot.

 “I dreamed of this during the afternoon,” the happy winner stated in Victory Lane.  “I can’t believe this.  It was a great race, the car was good, and I couldn’t be any happier.”

Andrew Schartner and a taste or Victory at the  Brewerton Speedway in Brewerton,

New York on  July 2,2010

Brewerton, N.Y. - For 20-year-old Andrew Schartner, a nearly four-year monkey was tossed permanently off his back on Friday as he took his family built and operated No. 9 to victory in the ESDCA Mod-Lite Class at Brewerton International Raceway.

The win came by the narrowest of margins (said to be less than a car length) and was his first victory on the dirt with the Mod-Lite car. "I owe this all to my family, especially my father who puts so much time and effort into building these cars with me. To win in a car he built is incredibly special. We haven't done that since the days in the microds. Finally we got a win on the dirt! I really had to work for that one and I am so proud for my sponsors who have supported us and all of our fans. Now we'll see what Oswego brings!"

Didero, Schartner win features at Oswego Speedway


Wednesday, August 12, 2009 7:05 AM EDT

OSWEGO — A seasoned veteran and a rookie took checkered flags Saturday at Oswego Speedway.

Longtime supermodified competitor Doug Didero, the defending Budweiser International Classic champion, led all 45 laps to win the Novelis Supermodified feature.

Weedsport’s Andrew Schartner, a rookie in the Pathfinder Bank Small-Block Supers, made a dramatic lap 27 pass for the lead and went on to win the 30-lap feature.

The race night was sponsored by Just The Right Stuff and Fleet Pride.

Small-block supers

Dave Danzer in the #52 and Rob Pullen in the #25 led the 22-car starting field to the green flag in the 30-lap race for the Pathfinder Bank Small-Block Supers.

Pullen powered to the front at the start, followed by Danzer, Shawn Walker, and Schartner, who started inside on the second row. Schartner soon got by Walker for third.

On lap 5, two cars made contact in turn 1, with Tim Barbeau spinning in the #58 and Mike Bond in the #26 car getting into the outside wall with nowhere to go. Bond was out for the night as his car had right front damage.

On the restart, Schartner maneuvered under Danzer for second place. On lap 7, a caution flag was waved for a multi-car incident in turn 3. Several cars were involved, with Dave Cliff’s #06 and the #91 of Jason Simmons sustaining some damage. Among the other cars involved were the #68 of Walker and the #50 of points leader Dave Gruel. Shortly after the restart, the caution flag came out as smoke was coming from the #50 of Gruel.

The top five at this stage were Pullen, Schartner, Danzer, Jack Patrick, and Russ Brown.

Brown, whose #60 car was damaged in his heat race, kept flying toward the front after starting near the back of the pack. He was up to third place by lap 12.

Pullen was expertly holding off the challenges of Schartner and Brown as the top three stayed in that order. Through 24 laps, the top five were Pullen, Schartner, Brown, Stan Gates, and Brian Sobus.

Finally, Schartner found an opening to the inside of Pullen. He darted under him coming out of turn 4 on lap 26, and by turn 1 of lap 27 had the lead for good.

Pullen finished second, Brown third, Sobus fourth, and Gates fifth.

You have no idea how big this is,” Schartner said in victory lane. “I can’t believe it.”

Schartner said the #18 car was loose in practice, but it got better as the night progressed. He discussed his pass for the lead, saying he wanted the pass to be clean. He knew he had to be patient.

“Finally, there was enough (of an opening) where I could get my car under,” he said. “This is just awesome.”

Schartner said the car was “really loose” in the first practice, and he credited his crew for making the right adjustments. “I’m just glad I could get this for them.”

Speedway notes

• Gruel, Barbeau, and Schartner won small-block supermodified heats.

Arcive News 1

   Andrew signs autograph for a boy           


  Final profile for the 2009 Season, where did this summer go? To close out the season, I interviewed a new face to the SBS division. He may be new but, he's a mover and a shaker in the small blocks and - contributes to the future of the class.

 I of course had to get in line and wait my turn. The line to talk to Steve Abt was five deep when I strolled over after the races for an interview. He was signing everything from scrap paper to ball caps, to a program. The young boy with the program was pretty excited because he had asked feature winner Andrew Schartner for an autograph but didn't have any paper. Being the class act that Andrew is, he went into his hauler, brought out his program, autographed it and gave it to the excited fan. Who says the track isn't what it used to be? You just have to look a little harder to find it. That's just the thing that drivers do. It was great to see the excitement in that boy's face. Once finished with his fans, Steve was nice enough to let me steal a little time from him for an interview.


                         By Robin Phillips

Andrew showing great improvement over the last month

No driver has shown more improvement over the last month than Andrew Schartner. Picking up two feature wins and a fourth and fifth-place finish to close out the season, a solid time-trial by the young UNC-Charlotte student instantly makes him a solid contender. Like Bond, Schartner gets the most out of his car. With his confidence at a season high and well-earned Rookie of the Year title under his belt, do not underestimate the Crow Motorsports No. 18 car this weekend.