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Item # 1

Time Submitted: Tues, 22 Feb 11

NAME = Karl

area = Weedsport, New York


COMMENT = If anyone wants to express anything or make any comments please fell free to do so. I have added this guestbook to try to have Andrews freinds and fans have the ability to contact him. Thank You

Guest Book   In this section you can ask questions and make comments. If you have any ideas please feel free to express them.

Item # 2

Time Submitted: Wed, 23 Feb 11 14:35:18 +0000

NAME = Kevin

area = Bradco Supply Corp.

EMAIL = KArnold@BradcoSupply.Com

COMMENT = Whats up site looks great as usual! Just wanted to wish you guys luck

for the 2011 season! I am sure we will see you out there.......make sure when you get back

up north you stop in with your dad! You guys have been doing Bradco proud overs the years,

and I am sure this year will be no different....cya in victory lane!

Item # 3

Time Submitted: Tue, 01 Mar 11 20:10:02 +0000

NAME = doug gwilt

area = sunny nc


COMMENT = you better win championship at oswego or I will slap you, and at least 5 mod lite wins--no more than that cause zach will win the rest--lol

Item # 4

Time Submitted: Wed, 02 Mar 11 01:06:48 +0000

NAME = Leah Cox

area = Texas


COMMENT = Andrew, Andrew he's our man, if he can't do it no one can. Goooo Andrew!!! Good luck this season. Maybe I'll actually make it to see my favorite little brother race. Love ya!

Item # 5

Time Submitted: Tue, 12 Apr 11 09:04:09 +0100

NAME = been racing long time

area = syracuse


COMMENT = see ya have hugh fan base on here

Item # 7

NAME = Stephanie Schartner
area = Vermont
COMMENT = What a great weekend we had with your team and in the pits with Pops! The race car ride for Pops was priceless to see his face! It was fun to watch you race, you do a great job, racing is truly a family sport! Hope to attend another race! The new site looks great! Your Dad is one of your biggest fans and it shows!

Item # 6

NAME = doug gwilt
area = troutman, nc
COMMENT = nice website wheres my pic and when u gonna win championship--quit screwing around--just do it!!

Item # 8

NAME = Gisele Ouellette
area = Milan, New Hampshire
COMMENT = Love the page.. I know Paul & Steph, and I use to work with Steph at Riverside Speedway.. Awesome people so you must be too.. Good luck this season and be safe..

Item # 9

NAME = Joyce Schartner

area = Lyndonville Vt


COMMENT = Great photos of Paul!!!